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List of articles of Shrine

Ota Shrine

It is said to be the most dangerous shrine in Japan, such as a precipitous cliff, brown bear .

Kamikawa Jinja Shrine

Power spot for business prosperity, and luck with money.

Hokkaido Gokoku Shrine

Shrine for worshipping the national martyrs such as the war dead of Hokkaido and Sakhalin.

Hakodate Kameda Hachimangu shrine

Established in 1390. It is also famous as the place of surrender pledge of the Battle of Hakodate.

Yubari Shrine

The word of “Yubari Shrine” in the front is said to be “Tōgō Heihachirō” himself wrote because the coal of Yubari is grateful for excellent coal.

Chitose Shrine

The inner shrine. God of "food" and God of "water" are enshrined.

Otaru Sumiyoshi Shrine

The main building. Citizen's during the reclamation need the protection of ancestors and purification from god.

Toyokawa Inari Shrine(Hakodate)

Toyokawa Inari Shrine(Hakodate)

Otaru Suitengu Shrine

A famous place for cherry blossoms at a hill location overlooking Otaru Port.


Power spots in the Shiroishi Shrine site. Shiroishi Fushimiinari Shrine.

Hakodate Nogi Shrine

Worship the soldier Nogi Maresuke who was active in the Russo-Japanese War. A branch of Nogi Shrine in Tokyo.

Hokkaido Toshogu Shrine

Moved from Samani-cho Hidaka, being considered an unlucky direction from Goryokaku Fort.

Hakodate Izumotaisha Shrine

Hakodate branch of Izumo Taisha Shrine.

Chinpou Shrine

It is in a corner of Yachigashira Onsen.

Ishizaki Jinushi Kai Shrine

Hakodate's hidden cherry trees. There's a tunnel of double-flowered cherry trees.

Iyahiko Shrine

Popular shrine for marriage, job luck up, academic luck up

Hokkaido Shrine

A central Shinto shrine of Hokkaido, a power spot.

Honjin Tanukidaimyo Shrine

In Japan, people pray to the god of business as portrayed by a Tanuki.

Ryugu Shrine

The shrine was built on the native Ainu ground used for religious services after the war of Hokkaido by commander-in-chief Takeaki Enomoto.

Samegawajinja (Shrine)

A 6 minute walk from Kikonai JR Station.

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