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List of articles of Shrine

Obihiro Shrine

The guardian angel of Obihiro. It is famous as the god of marriage.

Kofuku Shrine

Near the Kofuku (happiness) Shrine that is visited by worshippers from around the country, there is the Kofuku (happiness) Station that become famous from the catch phrase "From the land of love to happiness", so taking a tour of "happiness" is recommended.

Kotohira Shrine

Takadaya Koubei was erected in 1806 in hope of public safety. The annual festival is one of the three major festivals in Hokkaido.

Akkeshi Shrine

One of the shrine in Hokkaido.

Eboshi Iwa Rryujin Iishi

Both stones are praying for the prosperity of Mitsuya village.

Kamimokuni Hachiman Shrine

It is regarded as the oldest shrine building in Hokkaido. Hokkaido designated tangible cultural property.

Shosanbetsu Konpira Shrine

It's the perfect place for quintessential Hokkaido photography with the setting sun captured inside the torii gate, the rippling waves, at dusk or starry sky.

Raiko Shrine

The oldest shrine in Hokkaido.

Matsumae Shrine

Here is the sword presented when the Takeda clan acting as an initiator to Matsumae feudal clan ended the Ainu revolt of Koshamain, and the paulownia wooden sculpture received from Hideyoshi Toyotomi.

Yakumo Shrine

There are shrines that bear the Yakumo name throughout Japan, but Yakumo's shrine is the only branch shrine of Atsuta Shrine.

Hokumon Shrine

Historic shrine in Wakkanai

Sapporo-mura Shrine

The pioneering three God, Okuni-tama-no-kami God, Ona-muchi-no-kami God, sukuna-hikona-no-kami God are enshrined.

Biei Shrine

Gaining popularity as the God of matchmaking and successful love.

Kuriyama Tenmangu Shrine

It is famous for the big festival in autumn, about 300 open-air stalls, one of festival in Hokkaido.

Shintotsukawa Izumo Taisha

"Totsugawa Shu" settled for pioneering from Totsugawa village in Nara in 1898, founded a Shintotsukawa Izumo Taisha, in the year 1968.

Noboribetsu Yuzawa Shrine

As you climb the red torii, climb the stairs and enter the precincts you will see that the air is different. The benefit is healthy longevity, healthy recovery as well.

Abashiri Shrine

Let's raise money luck!

Itsukushima Shrine

An example festival held three days on 2nd Friday, Saturday and Sunday in July every year.

Funadama Shrine

The oldest shrine in Hokkaido.

Komagadake Shrine

Power spot is said to be able to break through hardships through the rocks of the rock.

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