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List of articles of Statue / Monument

Shakushain Memorial Museum

Hidaka is a region with many Ainu.

Otaru Sumiyoshi Shrine

The main building. Citizen's during the reclamation need the protection of ancestors and purification from god.

Hakodate Park

There are fountain plaza, museum, etc. in the park, and there are also many historical buildings and monuments.

Kappa family wishing hand bath

Three times to chant 「 on kappaya unken sowaka 」 Then it is said to come true.

Large statue of a king Kappa, river sprite

A stone statue in Futami Park of Jozankei Onsen Street.

Grave of Tenka No Gogaiya Okia

Bright red grave stone. Sukeji Shinano who distributed extra editions of the Hokkai newspaper to citizens. He became known as the extra edition newspaper distributor.

Hokkaido Tateamidaiboamigyogyo

There is a fishing method to catch large amounts of migratory fish with large fixed fishing net. Hokkaido started from here in the south.

Hakodate Foreigners’ Cemetery

Proof that many foreigners gathered in Hakodate. It's holy proof.

Momument to Commemorate the First Step onto Hokkaido

A monument which stands at the old pier (Higashihama pier) which became the doorway to Hokkaido.

Site of the talks with Commodore Perry

A monument built at the site of the city Hakodate Hospital.

Kamei Katsuichiro’s Birth Place

Monument to the literary figure from Hakodate.

Koryuji Temple, Daruma daishi

Huge Darumadaishi statue at the Koryuji Temple, Kamiyunokawa legal affairs office.

Odori Park fountains

Sapporo citizen place of recreation.

Takuboku Ishikawa Statue and Literary Monument

Odori Park West 3-chome, a poem by poet, Takuboku Ishikawa.

Fountain statue (Odori Park)

The 3 free dancers express the future of Sapporo.

Bust of Dr. Inazo Nitobe

Learn from Faculty of Agriculture, Hokkaido University.

Statue of Kiyotaka Kuroda

Former Hokkaido pioneering general secretary, later Prime Minister.

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