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List of articles of Statue / Monument

Visiting Sites of Shinsen-Gumi Regimental Soldier

Former Shinsengumi Group 2 captain of Corps , Hokkaido University Swordsmen.

Maruyama’s 88 sites

The small Daishido enshrined statue area is an appropriate starting point for climbing.

Bronze statue of Kametaro Otomo

A central figure of the Sapporo reclamation.

Hokkaido Shrine

A central Shinto shrine of Hokkaido, a power spot.

Cape Noshappu

One of the most famous sunset spot in Hokkaido.

Cape Soya

Northern latitude 45 degrees, the northernmost tip of Japan is located at the tip of Soya Cape.

Wakkanai Park Hyosetsu no Mon

Memorial monument of those who passed away in Sakhalin.

The statue of Gekko Kamen (Moonlight Mask)

Moonlight Mask, champion of justice. This masked hero became popular in Japan in 1958.

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