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Takeyama-kogen Onsen

What is the hot spring near Sapporo?
If you are asked, are Jozankei Onsen (in the back of Sapporo), Asarigawa Onsen (in the middle of Otaru), Futomi Onsen (in Abashiri Town), and Takeyama Onsen (Kitahiroshima).
This is a mall fountain with a beautiful hot spring that was slimy.
The Onsen is popular.
Guests can enjoy accommodation, meals, and day-trip hot springs.
This place is a well-kept secret.


896 Tomigaoka, Kitahiroshima-shi, Hokkaidō
営業時間10:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.
定休日Monday (If Monday is a national holiday, the following Tuesday)
From JR Chitose Line Kitahirosima Station get Chuo bus Sapporo line 10 minutes, and from Takeyama on foot 3 minutes


* Business days and hours are subject to change due to the influence of Novel Cornavirus (COVID-19).

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