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Takino Suzuran Hillside National Park

While being in a great location of only 40 minutes by car from the center of Sapporo, the very large site in an area of rich nature feels perfectly spacious.
This spot is highly recommended for those who want to be refreshed in a place away from the bustle of big cities!


<Come see the four seasons of Takino!>

Spring(April-May) Summer(June-August) Autumn(September-November) Winter(December-March)


The east gate is recommended for visiting the central zone.





Winter(from the end of December to March)

Winter Takino changes into Snow world!


A notable activity of the Takino Snow world, is the 200 meter tube sledding.


Let's walk the beautiful snowy virgin forest in snow shoes as we like!


Ashiribetsu Falls flows from a height of 26 meters, in late January you can see a magnificent icefall!






When Golden Week ends each year, Glaucidium palmatum begins to bloom.


In late May, tulips come in full bloom.


There is beauty that will bring a sigh as you gaze upon the picturesque view full of colors.


The lily of the valley is in full bloom in the beginning of June.






You will feel healed by the trees and flowers when you take a walk through the country garden in the early summer when it is full of green.






Purple allium and catnips color a hill over the beginning of July from the end of June.


Roll a colossal big ball of one point of diameter 2 meters at the slope of a very large lawn!


Jumping up and down on the soft and fluffy cushion that looks like a huge egg is the best feeling!


Don't miss the Takino Forest Festival held every summer!






The cosmos greets in full bloom from the middle of September.


In mid October the kochia scoparia changes from fluffy green to its original bulky red.


It is a special experience thoroughly enjoying the colored leaves while taking a walk through the narrow path of the forest in the season when the autumn wind is refreshing.


Let's enjoy the wonderful colored leaves with an enchanted mouse!

Takino247, Minami-ku, Sapporo-shi
電話番号+81-11-592-3333 (Contact about general park use)
営業時間Winter (12/23-3/31)

Spring (4/20-5/31)

Summer (6/1-8/31)

Autumn (9/9-11/10)
■ Park entrance fee (regular)
Child Free
Adult (aged 15 and over) 450yen
Silver (aged 65 and over) 210yen

※ Winter period(December 23-March 31) free entry

■ Bus guide
Ride approximately 30 minutes for Suzuran Koen Higashiguchi Iki, Suzuran Park East Gate, from Makomanai Subway Station on the Namboku line.

■ Facilities

  • Carpark

  • Information corner

  • First-Aid office

  • Light meals, restaurants & kiosks

  • Nursing rooms

  • Multipurpose toilets

  • Suitcase size lockers

  • Free rental wheelchairs and strollers

■ Foreign language pamphlet
Japanese, Chinese, English, Korean, Thai
マップコード9 016 404

* Business days and hours are subject to change due to the influence of Novel Cornavirus (COVID-19).

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