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List of articles of Hakodate

Japan’s Oldest Concrete Electric Pole

Place where Japan’s Oldest Concrete Electric Pole is located.

JRA Hakodate Race Course

Japan Racing Association's horse race track.

Hakodate Arena

Hakodate multi-purpose large-scale facility where sports, events and conventions are held.

Hakodate Park

There are fountain plaza, museum, etc. in the park, and there are also many historical buildings and monuments.

Hachimanzaka slope

Going back from Old Public Hall of Hakodate Ward, there are streets where luxurious brick construction and traditional houses of wooden Western-style buildings have been built along with the development of foreign trade.

Grave of Tenka No Gogaiya Okia

Bright red grave stone. Sukeji Shinano who distributed extra editions of the Hokkai newspaper to citizens. He became known as the extra edition newspaper distributor.

Hakodate Chinese Memorial Hall

The appearance of brick building.

Hakodate Nogi Shrine

Worship the soldier Nogi Maresuke who was active in the Russo-Japanese War. A branch of Nogi Shrine in Tokyo.

Hokkaido Toshogu Shrine

Moved from Samani-cho Hidaka, being considered an unlucky direction from Goryokaku Fort.

Columnar Joints of Cape Hiura

It is a cape at the end of the street that heads towards "Esan" and passed right after the "Hiura" Tunnel.

Hiura Domon

There are seven digging tunnels. Now the tunnel of 278 road has been completed

Hakodate Izumotaisha Shrine

Hakodate branch of Izumo Taisha Shrine.

Chiyogadai Park Baseball Stadium

A stadium with a capacity of 20,000 people. And can also do professional baseball official game and so on.

Ofune Ruins

This is the site of a large settlement of the latter half of the Early Jomon period to the latter half of the Middle Jomon period , and is located on a coast terrace facing the Pacific Ocean.

Hokkaido Tateamidaiboamigyogyo

There is a fishing method to catch large amounts of migratory fish with large fixed fishing net. Hokkaido started from here in the south.

Restaurant Gotoken-older building

Speaking of Gotoken, a Western food store in Hakodate.

Ashiyu Square(Hakodate Bay Gourmet Club)

Foot bath in Hakodate BAY gourmet club.

Nakajima Renbai Market

While Hakodate morning market and free market are rather tourist targets, Nakajima Renbai sale is a local target.

Donan Shiki no Mori Park

The Hokkaido Prefectural park you can enjoy the changes of the four seasons.

Hakodate Tropical Botanical Garden Footbath

In the botanical garden. there is a dressing room for women.

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