Hakodate Jomon Culture Center

The only national Treasure (Japan) in Hokkaido
Permanent exhibition of Chuku-dogu (a hollow clay figure).


Exhibits of excavated excavated from Jomon cultural relics of Hakodate.

Roadside station and adjoining.

Business hoursApril - October; 9:00 am - 5:00 pm,
November - March; 9:00 am - 4:30 pm
Regular closed dayEvery Monday(closed the next day if Monday are national holidays), & last Friday, Dec. 29 - Jun. 3
Correspondence languageJapanese 
Other information
Fee 300 yen
  • 80 minutes by bus to the “Usujiri syogakko-Mae” bus stop
  • 10 minutes on foot
    *Please check with the bus center in front of Hakodate Station for details.
    (It takes about 60 minutes by car)
Located in the Minamikayabe district in the north of Hakodate, this museum is intended for people to know Jomon culture. Stoneware, earthenware and accessories, including a national treasure Chuku-dogu (a hollow clay figure) made 3,500 years ago, are exhibited.

Map of surrounding areas


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