Nijukkenzaka slope

There is a slope with a width of 20 Kan (1 unit between ken = 1.8 m) = about 36 m.
It is lighted up during the winter season.

At the end of this slope is “Higashihongan-ji Temple Hakodate Branch”, when it goes down it leads to the “Restaurant Gotoken-older building”,” Hakodate Meijikan”, “Toyokawa Inari Shrine(Hakodate)”, and “Hakodate morning market”, “JR Hakodate Station”.

It is still used in Japanese architecture.


AddressNijikken-zaka Dori, Hakodate-shi, Hokkaidō

Map of surrounding areas


  • Yayoizaka slopeYayoizaka slope Next to Higashiosaka. The longest slope. The slope of the city Tram"Omachi station".
  • Chacha SlopeChacha Slope If you climb the "Daisan-saka" is next to "Hachiman-saka" can find it. "Chacha" which means grandfather.
  • Azumazaka slopeAzumazaka slope A slope with Hakodate Chinese Memorial Hall.
  • Nanbuzaka slopeNanbuzaka slope The slope to Hakodate-yama Ropeway.
  • Gokoku Jinjazaka slopeGokoku Jinjazaka slope One of Hakodate 18 slope, leading to the Gokoku shrine.
  • Hachimanzaka slopeHachimanzaka slope Going back from Old Public Hall of Hakodate Ward, there are streets where luxurious brick construction and traditional houses of wooden Western-style buildings have been built along with […]
  • Goryokaku TowerGoryokaku Tower 107 meters tall, the recommended season of the cherry tree is early May.
  • Mt. HakodateMt. Hakodate One of world's three biggest night views. The contrast of the light of the city area and the darkness of the sea on both sides is beautiful.
  • Koryu-ji TempleKoryu-ji Temple The oldest temple in Hakodate (曹洞宗 (Caodong school)).
  • Hokkaido Hakodate Museum of ArtHokkaido Hakodate Museum of Art The building's outward appearance.