Lake Komuke

Paradise of wild birds facing the Sea of Okhotsk Lake Komuke, here is the Komuke Primeval Garden.

In the summer you can appreciate the alpine plants such as Rosa rugosa and Vaccinium vitis-idaea, and the common glasswort as if you laid a red Carpet in autumn.



AddressLake Komuke, mombetsu-shi, Hokkaido
Other information

About 20 minutes on foot from the bus stop “Kyanpuba-mae”

Map of surrounding areas


  • Okhotsk Monbetsu AirportOkhotsk Monbetsu Airport The gateway to Okhotsk tourism. About 15 minutes by bus to Monbetsu city, about 70 minutes by bus to Engaru.
  • Mombetsu Okhotsk TowerMombetsu Okhotsk Tower It is the world's first ice-sea observation tower on the 4th floor of the ocean floor and the 1st floor of the underwater building which is located about 1km from the coast and 10m deep.
  • Okhotsk Sea Ice Museum of HokkaidoOkhotsk Sea Ice Museum of Hokkaido A museum exhibiting experiencing exhibits and models of drift ice and ocean.
  • 海洋交流館(ガリンコステーション)海洋交流館(ガリンコステーション) 流氷砕氷船「ガリンコ号」のステーションです。
  • Okhotsk Tokkari CenterOkhotsk Tokkari Center This is the only marine animal protection facility in japan and it is only keeps seals.
  • Lake EniwaLake Eniwa Eniwa City has a scenic spot call Eniwa Valley. The central is Lake Ehiki.
  • Shirarutoro LakeShirarutoro Lake It is known as a waterfowl paradise even in the Kushiro Wetlands, and it is not frozen even in the midwinter
  • Lake ShinotsuLake Shinotsu Shinsen lake frozen in winter is famous for fishing fish.
  • Lake ShumarinaiLake Shumarinai A place where 13 islands float in the lake surrounded by primitive forest with Mount Pissiri behind.
  • Lake ChubetsuLake Chubetsu Mount Asahi is reflected on the surface of the lake like a mirror on a windless day making a superb view.