Otaru Canal Cruise

An enjoyable 40 minute cruise along the Otaru Canal. There are unique vistas of Otaru to behold from the surface of the water. And, the personality-filled guidance of the captain is a great experience.

The day cruise where the scenery can be seen clearly.


The fantastic night cruise where gaslights and streetlights are reflected on the surface of the water.


When venturing out of Otaru Port, the sea horizon opens up before your very eyes.


You can view the illuminated cityscape of Otaru from the nighttime Otaru Port.


A hidden spot with remnants of the northern canal’s past not shown on TV or in magazines.


You can purchase tickets at the ticket center.


English, Chinese and Korean audio guide available.


Blue Canal: Illumination from November 11th until January 31st


On cold days a roof, seat heaters, and blankets are available to fight the cold.


The Otaru canal which changes scenery every season. It is always open without holiday.


Address5-4, Minato-machi, Otaru-shi, Hokkaido
* 10-minute walk from JR Otaru Station
Regular closed dayOpen year-round
Correspondence languageJapanese English Chinese 
Credit card that can be used
Other information

Day Cruise (before sunset)
Adults : 1,500 yen
Elementary school children : 500 yen
*Pre-school child free per accompanying adult

Night Cruise (after sunset)
Adults : 1,800 yen
Elementary school children : 500 yen
*Pre-school child free per accompanying adult

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