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List of articles of Cruising


Let's see many wild animals in Shiretoko!

Abashiri Drift Ice Sightseeing & Icebreaker Ship

An icebreaker traveling in the drift ice. That power is the most popular in winter.

Habomai Fishing Port Cruise

The easternmost panorama cruise on the mainland overlooking the northern territories.

Ochiishi Natuire Cruise

A popular course where you can enjoy bird watching on a fishing boat.

Garinko Station

It is the station of the drift ice icebreaker 'Garinko-gō'.

Yagoshi Cruise

It is a tour that enters into the scenic "blue cave" which can only go by boat.

Shiretoko Nature Cruise

It is a sightseeing vessel of whale & bird watching in Rausu town.

Betsukai Sightseeing Curise Plan

It is a sightseeing ship connecting the Notsuke peninsula and Odaitou.


When you go down to the lake from the hot spring town, there is a stop. Nakajima has a trekking walk course. There are Yezo sika deer and you can feed.

Otaru Bay Cruise “Aobato”

There are Shukutsu routes, Otamoi route. Enjoy Otaru from the sea.

Gojiraiwa Sightseeing

Medium and Small sized cruise boat which enjoy world natural heritage from Utoro port of Shiretoko.

Lake Saroma Seal Observation Sightseeing Boat

Sightseeing boat of Lake Saroma includes a 60 min course (3850 yen / 1 person) around Saroma Lake

Shiriuchi Blue Grotto

A mysterious blue cave that seems to follow a cliff by a small boat.

Muroran Night View Cruising

It is also registered in Japan night view scenery, night view 1 of 100 selections.

Lake Akan Pleasure Boat

To truly appreciate Lake Akan, try a "stroll across the lake surface" on a cruise boat. Available daily from May to November, boats depart about every hour in summer.

Otaru Canal Cruise

An enjoyable 40 minute cruise along the Otaru Canal.

Cruise Ship “Aobato” Dock

You can take cruises in the bay from here to Shukutsu.

Otaru Port Marina

Yacht harbour. There's also a cruising menu here (fee applies). Please try a boat or yacht experience.

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