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When you go down to the lake from the hot spring town, there is a stop.
By all means to Nakajima. Nakajima has a trekking walk course.
There is a forest museum.
There are Yezo sika deer and you can feed.
However, attention to search for "wind hole" in Nakajima.
Please come and discover. There is a cold wind even in the summer.

29 Tōyakoonsen, Tōyako-chō, Abuta-gun, Hokkaidō

●Nakajima tour
Adult 1420 yen
10% OFF coupon →

●National Highway No.230 / Sapporo ~ Jozankei ~ Nakayama Pass ~ Rusutsu ~ Toyako Onsen (about 2 hours and 10 minutes)

●National Highway No.5 / Hakodate ~ Oshimanbe ~ Toyoura ~ Toyako Onsen (about 3 hours 20 minutes)

●National Route No.36/37 / Tomakomai - Muroran - Date - Toyako Onsen (about 2 hours 40 minutes)


●JR Sapporo Station - Toyako Onsen (Donan Bus: 7 round trips/1day)

●Muroran port ~ Muroran station ~ Date ~ Toya station ~ Toyako Onsen (Donan bus: 12 round trips/1day)

●Kutchan - Kimobetsu - Otaki - Date (Donan Bus: 3 round trips/1day)

●New Chitose Airport ~ Noboribetsu Onsen ~ Toyako Onsen (Donan Bus: 1 round trip/1day)


●Hakodate Main Line / Muroran Main Line:Hakodate-Toya Station (Limited Express 1 hour 30 minutes)

●Muromachi line:Sapporo ~ Toya station (limited express 1 hour 38 minutes)
Tomakomai ~ Toya station (limited express 56 minutes)
※ From Toya station to Toyako Onsen, take a Donan bus or a taxi

●Muromachi line:Minami Chitose - Toya station (limited express 1 hour 11 minutes)

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