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List of articles of Historic monuments

Hakodate Kameda Hachimangu shrine

Established in 1390. It is also famous as the place of surrender pledge of the Battle of Hakodate.

Hakodate Community Design Center

We send regional information such as tourist information, citizen exchange events, classrooms, citizen activity support.

Former Hotel Chuo-so

Former Hotel Chuo-so

Former Umezu Shoten

When the "Jujigai" was the central area of Hakodate Economy, it was a shop that succeeded dealing with rare western alcoholic drinks and foods.

Hakodate Motomachi Minatogaoka Church

It is a Gothic style church opposite the Restaurant Gotoken-older building.

Higashihongan-ji Temple Hakodate Branch

Front of the facilities 33 meters.

Motomachi Park Brochure Booth

Brochures are distributed at this location.

Japan’s Oldest Concrete Electric Pole

Place where Japan’s Oldest Concrete Electric Pole is located.

Kotoni Tondenhei Residence

The tondenhei (屯田兵) were former samurai recruited from 1874 as farmer-soldiers, to farm and potentially defend Hokkaido.

Hokkaido Museum

Hokkaido's prefectural general museum, introducing Hokkaido's nature, history and culture.

Former Mitsui Bank Otaru Branch

External appearance. It has been restored to its original state and is on show. The third building in the Otaru art base.

Former Yasuda Bank,Otaru Branch

External appearance. The Yasuda Bank of the Yasuda financial group became the Fuji Bank after the war.

Hakodate Chinese Memorial Hall

The appearance of brick building.

Bank of Japan Otaru Museum

Otaru, prospered as the central port town of central Hokkaido before Sapporo was opened, from the distribution of commodities and good haul of herring to the venture into banking.

Ofune Ruins

This is the site of a large settlement of the latter half of the Early Jomon period to the latter half of the Middle Jomon period , and is located on a coast terrace facing the Pacific Ocean.

Restaurant Gotoken-older building

Speaking of Gotoken, a Western food store in Hakodate.

Former Suhara Residence

A piece of historic architecture. Currently closed. A Sukiya style building built over 100 years ago.

Former Nippon Yusen Otaru Branch

Masonry building (Important Cultural Properties).

Otaru Herring Mansions

Landmark architecture of Otaru (year 1897). Displaying tools used in herring fishing and processing, and living utensils of the old guardhouse.

Motomachi Water Supply Plant

Japan's first modern waterworks. Still in operation.

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