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List of articles of Historic monuments

Old Soma Residence

The private residence of Hokkaido's wealthiest merchant Souma Teppei, is one of Hokkaido's wealthiest mansions.

Trappist Monastery

The first male Trappist Monastery in Japan. Trappist butter or cookies are famous for souvenirs.

Motomachi Roman Catholic Church

One of four churches in the Hakodate Motomachi district.

Shinsengumi-tonsyo(Site of Military stations site of Shinsengumi)

Former Shomyo-ji Temple. Next to Hakodate Hotel.

Cape Kattoshi Lighthouse

This lighthouse illuminating the entrance of Hakodate Bay, serves as a landmark for entering Hakodate Bay.

Hakodate St. John’s Church

Hokkaido's first British Protestantism Anglican Church.

Koryu-ji Temple

The oldest temple in Hakodate (曹洞宗 (Caodong school)).

Hakodate Orthodox Church

It is also known as “GANGAN” Temple, the birthplace of Eastern Orthodox Church of Japan

Kitaichijo Catholic Church

A beautiful Catholic church that was first missioned in Sapporo

Hokkaido Governor’s Official Residence

The residence of the Governor of Hokkaido. The garden is opened to the public.

Former Takeshiro Nagayama Residence

Designated as a tangible cultural property of Hokkaido.


Royal Guest House.


Approximately 400 year old tea-ceremony house (important cultural property).


Historical western style building, located inside of Nakajima park.

Sapporo Clock Tower

You can actually enter the Sapporo Clock Tower.

Meiji Park

A silo using the site of a pasture is symbolic, the second oldest park.

Kamimokuni Hachiman Shrine

It is regarded as the oldest shrine building in Hokkaido. Hokkaido designated tangible cultural property.

Former Sasanami House

This is the oldest private house in the Hokkaido existing and is an important cultural asset of the country.

Jokoku Ji Temple

Hokkaido Important Cultural Property.

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