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List of articles of Historic monuments

Yagishiri Folk Museum

The old Onos' building it is Hokkaido Cultural Property (Japan).

Raiko Shrine

The oldest shrine in Hokkaido.

Obira Nishinbanya

Come to understand the state of the herring fishing grounds and the lives of the people of the time at the adjacent local museum.

Rishiri Folk Museum

This facility displays the Rishiri diorama, the life from primitive times to the modern reclamation period and the atmosphere of the herring fishing grounds.

Hashimoto-ke House (Former Nishingoten)

This building is the Old-Hashimoto family storehouse (2nd floor was used for lodging business).

Nopporo Tondenhei

This building is a house where the family of tondenhei soldier Yukawa were lived (from Hiroshima) . It is the oldest existing residence, you can also visit in Kotoni, Nishi-ku, Sapporo.

Ebetsu Tonden Museum

This is the building of the second headquarters headquarters.

Vertical shaft of the former Sumitomo Akabira Coal Mine

The rise and fall of the town of coal mine it is the chance of a few historic walks where you can experience with your eyes.

Yubari Rokumeikan Museum

HOKUTAN, a hospitality building that reflects the magnificence of huge companies representing Hokkaido.

Kushiro Kobunkan

It is on the other side of Kushiro Fisherman's Wharf MOO across the Kushiro River.

Fugoppe Cave

About 5000 years ago, it is said to be a mural painting of the era when Jomon people were in Hokkaido.

Funadama Shrine

The oldest shrine in Hokkaido.


The "Kanrin Maru" was a ship crossing the Pacific Ocean to the United States for modernization in Japan, "Katsu Kaishū", "Fukuzawa Yukichi", "Nakahama Manjirō" etc.

Usu Zenkoji Temple

Hokkaido's oldest venerable temple with a history of more than 1100 years.

Usu Zenkoji Temple

Hokkaido's oldest venerable temple with a history of more than 1100 years.

Former Karl Raymond’s residence

A German craftworker, Carl Weidl-Raymon's home, who made "Hakodate kāru Reimon" of ham · sausage.


Renovated old brick warehouse.

Hakodate Community Center

It is still used in the community center of retro atmosphere now.

Hakodate Tram Signalling Control

A person came in and switched the switch of the electric type streetcar point visually.

Former Shimamatsu “Ekiteisho”

It is pioneering phase of the Hokkaidou With had station building and a horse,It was set up to catch the accommodation and transportation.

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