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List of articles of Observatory

Biwase Observatory

Because it is located on the hill of Kiritappu Wetland, it can 360 degree field of view.

Cape Kiritappu Observatory

From Cape Kiritappu Observatory, you can see Cape Kiritappu protruding in the Pacific Ocean.


It is a large ranch where you can see the rare "360 ° horizon" in Hokkaido.

Kottaro Marsh Viewpoints

It is a place where you can see the "Kottaro Marsh" which is said to keep the primeval of the nature.

Sarubo Observatory

It is a view point that can overlook Lake Torogo and wetlands with 360 degree panorama.

Sarurun Observatory

You can look the four swamps of Sarurun swamp, pontō, Eoruto swamp, makuntō.

Cape Peshi Observatory

The place where you can overlook the Sea of Japan, Rebun Island, Oshidomari Port, Mount Rishiri, and the main land of Hokkaido.

Himenuma Observatory

It is a place around the Oshidomari Port with an ocean view.

Yuhigaoka Observatory

A sightseeing spot of a sunset drama

Wakkanai Centennial Memorial Tower

Building on the hill of Wakkanai Park 80m above ground above sea level 250m building.

Kujiranomieruoka Park

A few observation decks that can observe the sperm whale carefully in Japan.

Rausu Kunashiri Observatory

It is a museum that can overlook the magnificent figure of Kunashir Island under the eyes.

Betsukai Northern Observatory

Hundreds of swans gathered from December to March at the harbor of the Shunbetsugawa River estuary with the Northern Ocean Observation Tower and it is a view point that you can enjoy the graceful appearance up close.

Rokugo Observatory

The observatory where you can view the whole area of Rokugo which became the stage for the TV series Kita no Kuni Kara.

Nakagawacho Forest Park

You can overlook Nakagawa city and the Teshio River, and there is a natural walking path and observatory.

San-ai-no-Oka view park

A park with an observation station which is small but cozy on the elevated hill.

Mt.Tokachi Observatory

The Mount Tokachi Observatory is at an altitude of 930 meters.

Shinei-no-Oka Observatory

The sunset seen here in the middle of the topic of panorama of sightseeing in recent years has a reputation as "Japan's best".

Hokusei no Oka Hill

There is a tourist information center, a glass studio, and stall vendors.

Chiyoda-no-Oka Observatory

You can see the whole view of Biei hills, Mt.Daisetsuzan.

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