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List of articles of Observatory

Tomamu Unkai Terrace(Sea of Clouds)

You can enjoy coffee while watching the magnificent sea of clouds spreading under your eyes.

Orofure Observatory

The Orofure Pass located just in the middle of Noboribetsu Onsen and Toyako is a spot where you can see the majestic landscape of Mt.Yotei, Funka Bay, Toyako, etc., with the best view from the observation deck.

Etomo Misaki Observatory

From the Cape "Chikyu", you can see the Showa Shinzan, Mt.Usu, Mt.Yotei and others over the Funkawan bay.

Tokkarisho Observatory

One of Muroran Hakkei. You can feel strong in green belt and rough scenery of strange rocks and cliffs.

Ginbyobu Observatory

It is one of Muroran Hakkei with a pair of Kinbyobu on Tokkarisho side.

Kinbyobu Observatory

Together with the Ginbyobu, it is one of Muroran Hakkei.

Hakucho Bridge Observation

Legend of a happy marriage that "When the couples cross the Hakucho Bridge , will get good marriage."

The Bell or Espoir

The hope bell at the Taisetsu Observatory. Every day three times o'clock from 9 am echoes the sound of the bell telling the time.

Mikuni Pass

Pass in Hokkaido highest point.


penketoo in the foreground and panketoo in the back.


Sogakudai is the place where you can see both Mt.Oakandake in front and Mt.Meakandake in the back.


Sobakudai is a place where you can see both of these two waterfalls at the same time.

Mt. Tento

A spectacular 360 ° panorama of Abashiri Lake, Notoro Lake, Okhotsk Sea and Shiretoko Mountain Range.

Hokkaido Shinkansen Viewing Spot

It is the spot where you can see the branching point of the Shinkansen and the conventional line. One free fixed binoculars is installed.

Shibetsu Salmon Museum

The number of salmonid fish exhibits is domestic most.

Lake Mashu 1st Observatory

Transparency in which the word "Mashu-Blue" is born Lake Mashu of Japan No. 1.

Hoso-oka Observatory and Visitor’s Lounge

The observatory is located about 20 minutes on foot from JR Kushiro Shitsugen Station. This is also a popular spot to observe the sunset.


The horizon of grassy plain under eyes looks round literally when we see from here and can realize that we are in Hokkaido.

Mt.Sokuryouzan Observation

Night view seen from here, you can see Muroran port so recommend.

Cape Chikiu

You can overlook the Pacific Ocean from the observation deck.

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