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List of articles of Observatory

Arashiyama Observatory(Arashiyama park)

It is a popular spot for night view and fireworks sightseeing, which can overlook Asahikawa.

900 Grassland

This is the scenery of Hokkaido, I will sigh.

Lake Mashu Rest House

"Lake Mushu" in the fog, is it fog today? Is it sunny? I'm looking forward to either one.

Cape Erimo

The branch point between Hidaka and Tokachi. I can see the seals.

Cape Ofuyu

Cape Ofuyu once called a solitary island of land.

Lake Sapporo 1st Observatory

An artificial lake made by Jozankei Dam.

Asahiyama Memorial Park

The park’s peak, at 137.5 metres (451 ft) above sea level, offers a great panoramic view of Sapporo, and the Sea of Japan beyond.

Sapporo TV Tower

Sapporo landmark. 147m radio tower errected August 24th 1957.

Seabird Observation House

There is an observation hut on the Teuri Island to observe the natural behavior of seabirds.

Yuuhidai (Sunset) Point

It is located in the corner of Shiretoko National Campsite Park and you can see the setting sun setting in the sea of each season.

Asahi Observatory

An elevated area to the rear of Otaru Station.

Shukutsu Panorama Observatory

Shukutsu is the western area of Otaru jutting out into the Sea of Japan.

Kijihiki Highland Panoramic lookout

You can see the panoramic view of Mt. Hakodate and Onuma/Komagatake

Kushiro-shi Marshland Observation Platform

Suited to those who want to learn deeply about the marshlands through exhibits that include dioramas.

JR Tower Observation Deck T38

This is Hokkaido’s largest class of shopping center boasting approximately 600 stores.

Okurayama Viewing Point

You can take in a commanding view of Sapporo City from the viewing point.

Mt.Moiwa Observatory

The new three major night views of Japan.

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