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List of articles of Onsen (Hot springs)

Hiratanai Onsen

Greatly popular as the hotel where you can thoroughly enjoy seafood of Yakumo facing both the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Japan.

Kenichi Onsen

Gravity-fed irrigation hot spring with hot water of good reputation as a place of hot spring therapy for neighboring farmers, fishermen, and those with injuries.

Nikappu Onsen

Offering day spa service and accommodation. There's a great view of the sun setting into the Pacific Ocean from the outdoor bath.

Sizunai Onsen

「This soft dark brown water is known as hot water for beautiful skin

Rebun Usuyuki Onsen

The first hot spring facilities in Rebun Island which opened in October, 2009.

Kawakita Onsen

Mysterious hot spring in a mysterious hot spring.

Makubetsu Onsen

It is a bath of a sprinkle of 100% natural hot spring without any filtration or additives of Hokkaido.

Bansei Onsen

A hot spring containing a large amount of iodine in a very rare ingredient.

Kuttari Onesn

Located at the gateway of Higashidaisetsu and Tokachi, it is a hideaway hotel surrounded by nature and lake.

Tomuraushi Onsen

About 3 km of hiking course from hot springs to "Kirifukinotaki" is a secluded spa resort.

Makkari Onsen

100% natural hot spring without any filtration or additives. Outdoor bath that you can see Mt. Yotei is the best!

Toyotomi Onsen

Natural gas and oil from a well gush in with the water giving a slight addition of oil to the water.

Seseki Onsen

It is secret hot spring of secret hot spring.

Aidomari Onsen

The northernmost hot spring bath in Japan.

Kumanoyu Onsen

It is a free natural outdoor bath surrounded by virgin forest.

Karamatsu Onsen

For hot-spring fans it is a familiar free mixed-bath outdoor bath.

Yoroushi Onsen

It is a hot spring embraced by deep nature.

Highland Furano

It's lodging and hot spring facilities with a lavender field in a very large forest.

Tsurunoyu Onsen

It is a hot spring where you can see wonderful lotus flowers (August).

Fukiage Onsen

The natural gushing hot spring is free of charge and very popular.

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