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List of articles of Onsen (Hot springs)

Kawayu Onsen Foot Bath

Because it is one of the best quality springs in Japan,so try and have an experience.

Kotan Onsen

It is the only place where you can feel an outdoor bath with swans of Kussharo-ko lake.


When digging the sand of the lake side here about 10 cm, a hot spring gushes.

Wakoto Onsen

Let's get in after checking the condition of hot water.

Kawayu Onsen

The hot water overflowing from the hot spring of flows as a river flowing through the hot spring town.

Hoheikyo Onsen

A large outdoor bath where 200 people can enter at once.

Mizunashi kaihin onsen(Hot Spring in the Sea)

An outdoor bath in Nature. Because it is mixed bathing, please prepare a swimsuit.

Nishikikyo Onsen

Hot spring mania Recommended source of drainage saucers.

Yunokawa Onsen

A hot spring resort representative of Hokkaido. A well-established hot spring resort with a history of more than 500 years.

Toyotomi Hot Spring Fureai Center

It is a hot spring facility in Toyotomi-cho.

Onneyu Onsen

100% natural hot spring without any filtration or additives.

Akanko Onsen

Feel the tourist resort of Hokkaido.

Shikotsu-Toya National Park

The national park of Hokkaido's central region.

Esan Prefectural Natural Park

The park which is located in the southeast coast of the Oshima peninsula.

Asarigawa Onsen

A hot-spring village know as the backroom of Otaru, 30 minutes from Otaru Station.

Tokachigawa Onsen Dai-Ichi Hotel Hosyu-tei, Toyo-tei

The gentle relaxation and warm hospitality will make you experience moments which you would wish to come back to again many times.

Tokachigawa Onsen Sanyoan

We offer special space only for customers seeking top quality hospitality and peace of mind.

Hot Spring Steaming Corner

There’s hot spring steaming pots where you can cook the ingredients by steaming.

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