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List of articles of Onsen (Hot springs)

Ponpira Aqua Ring

The facilities are appropriate for overnight lodgings and day-spa.

Kyogoku Onsen

A day trip hot-spring facility

Kuromatsunai Onsen Buna No Mori

Kuromatsumachi Onsen, It is said to be a beautiful skin that the quality of spring is alkaline and the skin becomes slippery.

Niseko Goshiki Onsen

One of Niseko's hot spring areas. In the cloudy sulfur spring, there is an atmosphere of an unexplored hot spring from deep in the mountain.

Niseko Konbu Onsen

One of Niseko's hot spring areas. It is the Niseko's largest hot spring village.

Niseko Onsen

The Niseko area where a lot of hot springs gush out from. It's generally called a hot spring village.

Furubira Onsen Siokaze

A day-trip hot spring facility located in Furubira-chō.

Niseko Yumoto Onsen

The hot water marsh (Oyunuma) at the foot of Mount Chisenupuri is the source of Yumoto Onsen area where you can enjoy the sulfur spring.

Konbugawa Onsen

Kombugawa Onsen is called hot water of beautiful women, and is popular with locals.

Kogane Onsen

It infiltrates the body and removes internal antioxidants and the hot water is said to improve the bloodstream.

Komagamine Onsen Chappurinkan

It is a unique day-sized hot spring. The first in eyes is the Hokkaido Komagatake, watching from a large outdoor bath.

Nigorikawa Onsen

Seven tasteful and old-style facilities are open. Accommodation and day trips are available.

Takeyama-kogen Onsen

The Onsen is popular. Guests can enjoy accommodation, meals, and day-trip hot springs. This place is a well-kept secret

Kitahiroshima Onsen Morinoyu

This is a hot spring of Yamane-en complex facilities (park golf, restaurant, natural hot spring).

Tappunoyu Onsen

100% natural hot spring without any filtration or additives. Please come and visit us after playing at Lake Shinotsu.

Tirolnoyu Onsen

The smallest city in Japan Utisai. Old coal mine town. Population 3,500 people.

Takikawa Fureainosato

Various types of hot spring facilities such as Bubbles in an awaburo, Pelting water of an utaseyu, outdoor bath and dry type wet sauna are equipped.

Hokuryu Onsen

100% natural hot spring without any filtration or additives There is hotel, there is day-trip hot spring, there is restaurant, there is souvenir corner.

Kitayuzawa Onsen

The rich water that springs out from the Osaru River is a simple hydrogen sulfide spring.

Geyser in Sengen Park

Sengen Park incorporates a geyser that erupts from beside the hot spring water stream that flows from Hell Valley.

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