Temiya Cave

Hokkaido was in its post Jomon period at the time of this fresco architecture of the fourth to fifth century related to north-east Asia (Russia, China, the Korean Peninsula and Japan) surrounding the Sea of Japan.


Because it is engraved in the fragile rock called the Otaru soft stone, a preservation building along the rock was constructed.
You can actually view it through a capsule.

Address1 Chome-3-4 Temiya, Otaru-shi
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“Near the main building of Otaru Museum.
Get off the bus at Otaru Museum from Otaru Station.”

Map of surrounding areas


  • Otaru Blue Cave To see Otaru's blue cave you can go from Otaru Port for 90 minutes
  • Otaru Port MarinaOtaru Port Marina Yacht harbour. There's also a cruising menu here (fee applies). Please try a boat or yacht experience.
  • Otaru Taishou Grall PalaceOtaru Taishou Grall Palace Otaru, town of glass. A famous establishment in line with Kitaichi.
  • Kitaichi GlassKitaichi Glass Otaru is famous as a town for glassworks, and Kitaichi Glass built the base for it.
  • Otaru Canal CruiseOtaru Canal Cruise An enjoyable 40 minute cruise along the Otaru Canal.
  • GinrinsouGinrinsou Popular for its view from the outdoor bath. The view encompasses the city of Otaru and Ishikari Bay.
  • Asahi ObservatoryAsahi Observatory An elevated area to the rear of Otaru Station.
  • Otaru Suitengu ShrineOtaru Suitengu Shrine A famous place for cherry blossoms at a hill location overlooking Otaru Port.
  • Municipal Otaru Literature MuseumMunicipal Otaru Literature Museum Materials from Otaru, such as "kobayashi takiji", "itō sei" etc are displayed.
  • Otaru Sumiyoshi ShrineOtaru Sumiyoshi Shrine The main building. Citizen's during the reclamation need the protection of ancestors and purification from god.