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Historical Village of Hokkaido Foundation

History space spreads about 100 years ago in Hokkaido.

The main entrance to the village is the old Sapporo Station building.

Upon entering the village, you will be in an atmosphere typical of the frontier period of Hokkaido(mid 19thto early 20th century).

A horse-drawn trolley provides transportation along the main street,which is lined with old wooden and stone buildings.

Farm life is displayed in traditional houses built by immigrants from Honshu. In autumn, harvest festivals will be held at the Shinto shrine in the village.


Horse iron, a horse tramway. The horse is Hokkaido born and raised. You can actually take a ride.

Adult 250¥ child 100¥

Very popular with the commemorative photograph.

Hokkaido Reclamation Sapporo central government office building.

Early-Meiji administrative unit for Hokkaido to reclaim Ezo land inhabited by the Ainu People.

That main government building.

Herring lodging house. The big, grand lodging house was called a herring palace.

Large quantities of herring live off the coast of the Sea of Japan.

It became a big business supporting the reclamation of Hokkaido.

Former Otaru newspaper publisher.

It was built with Sapporo soft stone. See how old newspapers were made.

The old Kondo Hospital that was in Furubira.

A time when were a lot of general practitioners (doctors working in all fields of medicine).

Huge. A place with many things to see, well worth a visit.
Konopporo 50-1, Atsubetsu-cyo, Atsubetsu-ku, Sapporo-shi
By the Car
From Sapporo Station
Go a head Ebetsu by Kita1-Jo street & Route12( 40min).

From Airport
You take expressway Chitose IC to Sapporo-minami IC(40min)
and go a head by Ebetsu Route12(15min).
営業時間May to September : Open 0900 Last Entry 1630 Closed 1700
October to April : Open 0900 Last Entry 1600 Closed 1630
定休日May to September : Open everyday
October to April : Mondays (if a Monday is a national holiday, then the next day)、also December 29 to January 3

Division Fee
Adult(15-64) 800 Y
Adult Groups* 700 Y
College,University,&High School
600 Y
College,University,&High School
500 Y
Jr.High School Student & under)
Handicapped People
Exchange Students living in Hokkaido



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